Babel Madness


Graduating students from the Languages Profile present their projects. Come and learn about topics such as slang, pidgins and creoles, language acquisition, sign language, Orwell’s Newspeak, Chinese characters, the connection between music and language – and much more!



MOSAIC EXHIBITION May 21-23 VERNISSAGE May 21 A CinCom multi-media student exhibition


Lab 3B.2-4

An exhibition of Interactive Media Arts projects. From video games and alternative game controllers to responsive sculptures, generative artworks and interactive garments, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Historical Film Techniques Expo

A festival of various old film media as envisioned in today’s context by 3D Animation students. There will be a selection of 3D printed and analogue fabricated film objects such as: projectors, zoetropes, shadow puppets, Turkish puppetry, as well as films inspired by Cinéma Pur, surrealism, abstract animation, video essays on experimental cinema styles, and … Continue reading Historical Film Techniques Expo


Creative Writing Showcase


Join us for a festive reading of students’ creative writing, and the launch of the Creations Journal. Mocktails, snacks… and surprises!