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3rd Sustainable Campuses Forum: Creating change through Research and Action (Canada-Mexico Partnerships)

April 24, 2017 @ 9:00 am - April 27, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Becoming a Living Campus, embracing our social and environmental responsibility as post-secondary institutions is what this 3rd Sustainable Campuses Forum is all about.  From April 24 to the 27, Dawson College will be the stage for a series of workshops, presentations and hands-on activities aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences of campus sustainability. This is the second part of this international Forum.  The first section took place in Mexico from March 14 to the 16, 2017. The Forum is part of Dawson’s Earth Week celebrations.

Students, teachers, researchers and staff from local Colleges and from partner institutions in Mexico will be joining us. The entire Dawson Community is invited to participate.


Schedule of activities

Monday April 24, 2017

9:00 – 9:15
Forum opening and welcome
Co-Lab 3F43

9:15 – 10:00
Raising Monarchs
The Flutterby Gardens in Bradenton, Florida has been raising monarchs successfully for more than 20 years.  This workshop will explore the methods used at Flutterby Gardens and will demonstrate how easily a monarch breeding facility can be created at Dawson College.
By Brenda Lee (Secretary to the Academic Dean, Dawson College)
Co-Lab 3F43

10:00 – 10:45
Connecting with Nature in the city – Bird watching on Campus
This workshop will lead participants through the basics of bird watching and bird finding.  We will also discuss the importance of “Neigbourhood Nature” and developing an interaction with the natural world around us. Participants will explore the habitat surrounding the Peace Garden and become familiar with the resident bird community here at Dawson College. All are welcome and no prior skill or knowledge is required. This workshop will be held in most any weather that you are likely to find birds (heavy rain excluded).
By Chase Moser (Faculty, Biology Department, Dawson College)
Meeting place Co-Lab 3F43

11:30 – 12:45
Dawson – Mexico Student Internships
Student engagement can support the transformation of our campuses and showcase sustainability.  Keera Taylor and Jessica Di Bartolo (CRLT students) just came back from a six-week internship in Mexico. They were supporting campus sustainability projects at the Universidad Politécnica del Estado de Morelos (UPEMOR) and at the Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marias (UAEM).  They will be joined by Valeria Davila (UPEMOR) and Jorge Meza (UAEM) who will discuss the impact of having Dawson students as interns at their campuses.
Room 4C1

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

9:00 – 10:00
Dawson’s Hidden World (on-site field trip)
Dawson is a closed building with windows that can’t be opened. Join our Plant & Facilities team on a sustainability tour that will review how the College is heated, cooled and has constant air flow. What is in Dawson’s basement? How does air enter the College? How is it taken out? Participants will see the hidden activity that keeps us all comfortable during the day and the challenges of reducing our impact on the environment.
By Veronique Paris (Coordinator of Building Services, Dawson College)
Nacer Zebouchi  (Building maintenance, Dawson College)
Meeting Place CoLab 3F43

Living Campus – Reconnecting people, community & Nature (on-site field trip)
Participants will view sustainability projects that collectively represent and operationalize the College’s core value of Well-Being for All, Sustainably. This interpretive walk will include visits to the peace garden, rooftop gardens, biodiversity zones, student projects and waste/recycling operations. Sustainability accomplishments and challenges will be highlighted.
Gisela Frias (Coordinator Sustainable Campuses Initiative, Dawson College)
Chris Adam (Project Lead – Living Campus/Sustainable Dawson)
Meeting Place CoLab 3F43


11:30 12:45
Sustainable Campuses
A series of three presentations highlighting sustainability visions and projects at different campuses. The presentations will cover issues related to reducing the campus’ ecological footprint, innovation in curriculum design and the university-community engagement. The talks will finish by a guided visit to Dawson’s Three Sisters’ Garden.

At John Abbott College, sustainability education is no longer an elective
In celebrating and promoting sustainability, John Abbott College (JAC) is promoting an education that balances autonomy and responsible citizenship as well as a respect for the natural environment and the diversity of communities. Through academic programs, the environmental studies certificate, student clubs and activities and employee projects, JAC is informing, educating, introducing and integrating sustainable practices throughout the College’s landscape.  Students and staff alike are learning to shift their thinking in terms of sustainability and the environment. Students can learn in a model environment, the Anne-Marie Edward Science Building, a LEED Gold Certified building built in 2012 for Science and Technology Education.
By Josée Lanouette (Facilities Manager, John Abbot College)
and Jessica Burpee (Faculty, Geosciences, John Abbott College)

Go Green Action Research Project
Go Green projects are the result of an inter-institutional collaboration focused on environmental sustainability. The presentation will discuss the action-research projects students participated in, designed to benefit the Champlain campus environment.
By Kory Goldberg (Faculty, Humanities, Champlain College St. Lambert)
and Geneviève Aboud (Facult, Geography, Champlain College St. Lambert)

Cooperative work through the identification and use of medicinal and aromatic plants with women from the community of Huitchila, Tepalcingo, Morelos
This presentation showcases the work done to support rural women’s organizing for the identification and use of medicinal plants. It highlights the importance of creating school-community relations to develop strategies to support sustainability.
By Dalia Arenas (Student, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Ayala Campus)

Touring the Three Sisters Garden
A guided visit to Dawson’s Three Sisters Garden
By Diana Rice (Peace Centre) and
Orenda Boucher (First Peoples Initiative)
Room 4C1

Theater and sustainability
This brief workshop will focus on the use of theater technique “writing theater”, used in community theater at the UAEM in Mexico to explore Nature.
This session will be in Spanish.
By Luisa Montes (Faculty, Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marias -UAEM)
Dawson’s Outdoor Agora (Between the A & D wings)

Wednesday 26 April 2017

9:00- 12:00
Research Collaboration for Sustainability
Research and knowledge generation play an important role in establishing new paths for sustainability. The particular challenges presented by sustainability require approaches that establish collaboration for knowledge co-creation and mobilization, that set up partnerships among researchers and between researchers and other stakeholders.

This activity brings together researchers who are working in collaboration with each other, as well as policy makers, community groups, educators, professionals and students establishing relationships within their educational communities as well as across institutional boundaries at the national and international level.

The objective of the activity is to establish a dialogue about research collaboration for sustainability, addressing questions such as: How are cross sectoral relationship/partnerships built? What does collaboration look like? What are the mechanisms used to collaborate for research co-creation and mobility? What challenges does collaboration present? What is the impact of research collaboration?
By Gisela Frias (Faculty, Geography, Dawson College)
Anna-Liisa Aunio (Faculty, Sociology, Dawson College)
Jorge Dominguez (Faculty, Universidad Pedagogica Nacional)
Tereska Gesing (Owner, Urban Seedling and Founder, Grand Potager)
Facilitated by Gaelle Janvier, (Project Coordinator, Alternatives)
Room 7C5

13:00- 14:00
Dawson’s Carbon Neutral Initiative & Sustainability Assessment Framework
An environmental and a civil engineer from two Mexican universities will review Dawson’s recent greenhouse gas emission study and discuss possible carbon emission reduction strategies through energy and waste reduction methods and offsetting. Sustainability tracking, assessment and reporting methods will also be reviewed with examples from other institutions of higher education.
By Sergio Garcia Bahena (Environmental Engineer, UPEMOR,  Mexico)
Cesar Maldonado-Mercado (Civil Engineer, UNAM,  Mexico)

Thursday April 27, 2017

Diversity of approaches to campus sustainability
The path that each institutions creates to embrace sustainability is unique. This presentation will showcase the approach of three post-secondary institution in the State of Morelos, in Mexico. We will hear from the UPEMOR, a technical engineering university, the Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marias, a community college in a rural forest community and the UPN Sede Galeana, a rural pedagogical university.
Valeria Davila (Universidad Politécnica del Estado de Morelos)
Jorge Meza, and Maria Jose de Arimatea Corral Rojas (Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marias- UAEM)
Gloria Rodriguez (Faculty, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional)
Room 4C1

1:00- 3:00
Focus Group –Sustainability, Peace and Conviviality on Campus
Dr. Juan Salvador Nambo, member of the Sustainable Campuses: A North-South Research and Action Community (SSHRC: 890-2015-1027) research team, will be visiting Dawson College from the Universidad Politécnica del Estado de Morelos (UPEMOR). As part of his research, he will conduct a focus group with students, teachers and staff at Dawson College who have been involved creating and/or implementing initiatives supporting sustainability, peace and/or conviviality on campus.
By Dr. Juan Salvador Nambo (UPEMOR)
In CoLab 3F43

The 3rd Sustainable Campuses Forum is a collaboration between the Sustainable Campuses Initiative (SSHRC funded project), Dawson’s International Development Office, the Peace Centre and Living Campus, with the support of the Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo de Ciudades Verdes S.C.

Mexican partners participating in this event come from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, the Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marias (UAEM) y la Universidad Politecnica del Estado de Morelos.



April 24, 2017 @ 9:00 am
April 27, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
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